==27393== Thread 4:
==27393== Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value(s)
==27393==    at 0x4C2F336: __memcmp_sse4_1 (in 
==27393==    by 0x4E64ADF: ncs_patricia_tree_add (patricia.c:263)
==27393==    by 0x1113FB: dtm_node_add (dtm_node_db.c:279)
==27393==    by 0x115794: dtm_process_accept (dtm_node_sockets.c:1568)
==27393==    by 0x110973: node_discovery_process (dtm_node.c:699)
==27393==    by 0x50C4733: start_thread (in /lib64/libpthread-2.22.so)
==27393==    by 0x53C2D3C: clone (in /lib64/libc-2.22.so)
==27393==  Uninitialised value was created by a stack allocation
==27393==    at 0x115384: dtm_process_accept (dtm_node_sockets.c:1468)


** [tickets:#2545] dtm: osafdtmd asserts and reboots node if node up is 
received from known node**

**Status:** accepted
**Milestone:** 5.17.10
**Created:** Mon Aug 07, 2017 02:27 PM UTC by Alex Jones
**Last Updated:** Mon Aug 07, 2017 02:28 PM UTC
**Owner:** Alex Jones

Topology is two physical nodes, and 10-15 VMs on each physical node in a KVM 
setup. OVS 2.7 is used as the bridging between the host and VMs on each 
physical node. And OVN is used for internode networking between the two hosts, 
using geneve tunnel. MTU on the physical tunnel ports is 1500 as are VM 

You also need a fairly large IMM database.

This will ensure that 1500 byte packets will be sent from the controller during 
IMM sync. Packets larger than 14xx bytes will be dropped by the tunnel, 
resulting in missed packets on the other side.

When a node across the tunnel tries to come into the cluster, dtmd on this new 
node will miss some packets because they are dropped by the tunnel (because MTU 
is too large). This will cause dtmd on that node to assert and reboot 
continuously. Thus, it never comes into the cluster.

Setting MTU of the tunnel to be 9000 (jumbo frames) makes this problem go away 
because packets are no longer being dropped due to MTU size.

You could probably reproduce this without using any virtualization -- just 
communication between nodes over a tunnel where the MTU across the path is less 
than the MTU of the interfaces of the OpenSAF nodes themselves.


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