- **summary**: amfa: process crashed when invoking saAmfComponentRegister() 
with SA_AMF_COMPONENT_NAME not set --> amfa: process crashed when registering 
component without SA_AMF_COMPONENT_NAME


** [tickets:#2548] amfa: process crashed when registering component without 

**Status:** assigned
**Milestone:** 5.17.10
**Created:** Wed Aug 09, 2017 10:50 AM UTC by Nguyen TK Luu
**Last Updated:** Wed Aug 09, 2017 10:50 AM UTC
**Owner:** Nguyen TK Luu

The issue was found when testing the API saAmfComponentRegister(). Start a 
process that calls saAmfInitialize(), then calls saAmfComponentRegister() with 
a non-existing component name, with the environment variable 
SA_AMF_COMPONENT_NAME deliberately not set (not started by AMF), the process 
will get aborted (osaf_abort(1)).

That was caused by the following buggy condition check in the 
saAmfComponentRegister() function:

  /* retrieve AvA CB */
  if (!(cb = (AVA_CB *)ncshm_take_hdl(NCS_SERVICE_ID_AVA, gl_ava_hdl)) ||
      !m_AVA_FLAG_IS_COMP_NAME(cb)) {
    TRACE_4("SA_AIS_ERR_LIBRARY: Unable to retrieve cb handle");
    goto done;
  /* acquire cb read lock */
  m_NCS_LOCK(&cb->lock, NCS_LOCK_READ);
  /* release cb read lock and return handles */
  if (cb) {
    m_NCS_UNLOCK(&cb->lock, NCS_LOCK_READ);

  TRACE_LEAVE2("rc:%u", rc);
  return rc;

In this case, the !m_AVA_FLAG_IS_COMP_NAME(cb) check failed as 
SA_AMF_COMPONENT_NAME was not set, the execution jumped to 'done:' which tried 
to unlock a not-owned mutex (not previously locked yet), leading to 
osaf_abort() of the invoking process.


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