- Description has changed:



--- old
+++ new
@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@
 uint32_t mbcsv_process_snd_ckpt_request(NCS_MBCSV_ARG \*arg)
-uint32t mbcsvprocesschgrolerequest(NCSMBCSVARG \*arg)
+uint32t mbcsv_process_chg_role_request(NCSMBCSVARG \*arg)
 uint32_t mbcsv_process_close_request(NCS_MBCSV_ARG \*arg)
 if (NULL ==



** [tickets:#3070] mbc: some minor coding errors**

**Status:** assigned
**Milestone:** 5.19.10
**Created:** Wed Aug 14, 2019 10:10 AM UTC by Thuan
**Last Updated:** Wed Aug 14, 2019 10:10 AM UTC
**Owner:** Thuan

Some minor coding errors:
static const char *disc_trace[] = {"Peer UP msg", "Peer DOWN msg",
                                   "Peer INFO msg", "Peer INFO resp msg",
                                   "Peer Role change msg"   ** // Missing comma 
" , "**
                                   "Invalid peer discovery msg"};

uint32_t mbcsv_process_snd_ckpt_request(NCS_MBCSV_ARG \*arg)
uint32t mbcsv_process_chg_role_request(NCSMBCSVARG \*arg)
uint32_t mbcsv_process_close_request(NCS_MBCSV_ARG \*arg)
if (NULL ==
    (mbc_reg = (MBCSV_REG *)m_MBCSV_TAKE_HANDLE(arg->i_mbcsv_hdl))) {
    TRACE_2("bad handle specified");
    // Should return here if not NULL pointer access in later code

m_NCS_LOCK(&mbc_reg->svc_lock, NCS_LOCK_READ);
TRACE("svc_id:%u, pwe_hdl:%u", mbc_reg->svc_id, ckpt_inst->pwe_hdl);


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