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commit b8ab2c8a180b5b1ba110a02ecd60a1001ebddbc6 (HEAD -> develop, 
Author: thuan.tran <thuan.t...@dektech.com.au>
Date:   Mon Feb 10 14:10:23 2020 +0700

    mds: fix memleak in agent enable flow control [#3151]
    Agent enable flow control keep add new portid without remove.
    Remove portid when svc count become zero then handle portid reset
    properly, peer A may see portid reset (peer B) then peer B should
    accept fseq(1) message from peer A.


** [tickets:#3151] mds: memleak for agent enable flow control**

**Status:** fixed
**Milestone:** 5.20.01
**Created:** Wed Feb 12, 2020 02:01 AM UTC by Thuan Tran
**Last Updated:** Wed Feb 12, 2020 10:38 AM UTC
**Owner:** Thuan Tran

Memory usage keep increase for osafimmnd when it enable flow control
>From mds log, portid is added seems never remove.
<141>1 2020-02-01T05:33:42.760481+01:00 PL-4 osafimmnd 10676 mds.log [meta 
sequenceId="1033985"] FCTRL: Add portid[node:1001004, ref:995471411 svc_id:26], 
<141>1 2020-02-01T05:33:42.76341+01:00 PL-4 osafimmnd 10676 mds.log [meta 
sequenceId="1033987"] FCTRL: Remove svc[node:1001004, ref:995471411 svc_id:26], 
<141>1 2020-02-01T05:33:42.773691+01:00 PL-4 osafimmnd 10676 mds.log [meta 
sequenceId="1033990"] FCTRL: Add portid[node:1001004, ref:1567425026 
svc_id:26], svc_cnt:1
<141>1 2020-02-01T05:33:42.775878+01:00 PL-4 osafimmnd 10676 mds.log [meta 
sequenceId="1033992"] FCTRL: Remove svc[node:1001004, ref:1567425026 
svc_id:26], svc_cnt:0
<141>1 2020-02-01T05:33:42.785244+01:00 PL-4 osafimmnd 10676 mds.log [meta 
sequenceId="1033995"] FCTRL: Add portid[node:1001004, ref:1741128394 
svc_id:26], svc_cnt:1
<141>1 2020-02-01T05:33:42.786894+01:00 PL-4 osafimmnd 10676 mds.log [meta 
sequenceId="1033997"] FCTRL: Remove svc[node:1001004, ref:1741128394 
svc_id:26], svc_cnt:0
<141>1 2020-02-01T05:33:42.796011+01:00 PL-4 osafimmnd 10676 mds.log [meta 
sequenceId="1034000"] FCTRL: Add portid[node:1001004, ref:3116260044 
svc_id:26], svc_cnt:1
<141>1 2020-02-01T05:33:42.797643+01:00 PL-4 osafimmnd 10676 mds.log [meta 
sequenceId="1034002"] FCTRL: Remove svc[node:1001004, ref:3116260044 
svc_id:26], svc_cnt:0
<141>1 2020-02-01T05:33:42.805084+01:00 PL-4 osafimmnd 10676 mds.log [meta 
sequenceId="1034005"] FCTRL: Add portid[node:1001004, ref:2936038224 
svc_id:26], svc_cnt:1
<141>1 2020-02-01T05:33:42.807109+01:00 PL-4 osafimmnd 10676 mds.log [meta 
sequenceId="1034007"] FCTRL: Remove svc[node:1001004, ref:2936038224 
svc_id:26], svc_cnt:0
<141>1 2020-02-01T05:33:42.816094+01:00 PL-4 osafimmnd 10676 mds.log [meta 
sequenceId="1034010"] FCTRL: Add portid[node:1001004, ref:3630381079 
svc_id:26], svc_cnt:1
<141>1 2020-02-01T05:33:42.817738+01:00 PL-4 osafimmnd 10676 mds.log [meta 
sequenceId="1034012"] FCTRL: Remove svc[node:1001004, ref:3630381079 
svc_id:26], svc_cnt:0
<141>1 2020-02-01T05:33:42.826855+01:00 PL-4 osafimmnd 10676 mds.log [meta 
sequenceId="1034015"] FCTRL: Add portid[node:1001004, ref:1347521832 
svc_id:26], svc_cnt:1
<141>1 2020-02-01T05:33:42.828468+01:00 PL-4 osafimmnd 10676 mds.log [meta 
sequenceId="1034017"] FCTRL: Remove svc[node:1001004, ref:1347521832 
svc_id:26], svc_cnt:0
<141>1 2020-02-01T05:33:42.835071+01:00 PL-4 osafimmnd 10676 mds.log [meta 
sequenceId="1034020"] FCTRL: Add portid[node:1001004, ref:3871464460 
svc_id:26], svc_cnt:1
<141>1 2020-02-01T05:38:18.168011+01:00 PL-4 osafimmnd 10676 mds.log [meta 
sequenceId="1045358"] FCTRL: Add portid[node:1001004, ref:1010076045 
svc_id:26], svc_cnt:1
<141>1 2020-02-01T05:38:18.17015+01:00 PL-4 osafimmnd 10676 mds.log [meta 
sequenceId="1045360"] FCTRL: Remove svc[node:1001004, ref:1010076045 
svc_id:26], svc_cnt:0
<141>1 2020-02-01T05:38:18.178384+01:00 PL-4 osafimmnd 10676 mds.log [meta 
sequenceId="1045363"] FCTRL: Add portid[node:1001004, ref:352812852 svc_id:26], 
<141>1 2020-02-01T05:38:18.183857+01:00 PL-4 osafimmnd 10676 mds.log [meta 
sequenceId="1045365"] FCTRL: Remove svc[node:1001004, ref:352812852 svc_id:26], 
<141>1 2020-02-01T05:38:18.192214+01:00 PL-4 osafimmnd 10676 mds.log [meta 
sequenceId="1045368"] FCTRL: Add portid[node:1001004, ref:3778790219 
svc_id:26], svc_cnt:1


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