- **status**: review --> fixed
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commit 9429bf2f0f721a3a497c441952f8f7e8b51dd15a (HEAD -> develop, 
Author: thuan.tran <thuan.t...@dektech.com.au>
Date:   Fri Feb 14 10:48:25 2020 +0700

    amfnd: should wait for IR thread ready to send event [#3153]
    There is a case imm reader (IR) thread is not yet created but
    main thread send event to its mailbox then fail, lead to abnormal
    state for node.
    Main thread will check IR thread up and ready to send event.


** [tickets:#3153] amfnd: fail to send event to imm reader mailbox**

**Status:** fixed
**Milestone:** 5.20.01
**Created:** Fri Feb 14, 2020 03:43 AM UTC by Thuan Tran
**Last Updated:** Fri Feb 14, 2020 04:03 AM UTC
**Owner:** Thuan Tran

During amfnd process startup, there is a case that imm reader (IR) thread is 
not yet created,
but main thread send event to IR mailbox which result failed. Then the node is 
stuck in abnormal state.
Main thread should check and wait for IR thread ready to send event to.
<143>1 2020-02-13T07:20:38.730342+01:00 SC-2 osafamfnd 278 osafamfnd [meta 
sequenceId="184"] 278:amf/amfnd/clm.cc:308 << avnd_clm_init 
<143>1 2020-02-13T07:20:38.730349+01:00 SC-2 osafamfnd 278 osafamfnd [meta 
sequenceId="185"] 278:amf/amfnd/main.cc:281 << avnd_create 
<143>1 2020-02-13T07:20:38.730372+01:00 SC-2 osafamfnd 278 osafamfnd [meta 
sequenceId="186"] 278:amf/amfnd/imm.cc:86 >> imm_reader_thread_create 
<143>1 2020-02-13T07:20:38.730456+01:00 SC-2 osafamfnd 278 osafamfnd [meta 
sequenceId="187"] 278:amf/amfnd/imm.cc:91 << imm_reader_thread_create 
<141>1 2020-02-13T07:20:38.730521+01:00 SC-2 osafamfnd 278 osafamfnd [meta 
sequenceId="188"] 278:amf/amfnd/main.cc:525 NO Start monitoring AMFD using 
<143>1 2020-02-13T07:20:38.807525+01:00 SC-2 osafamfnd 278 osafamfnd [meta 
sequenceId="1548"] 278:amf/amfnd/main.cc:651 >> avnd_evt_process 
<143>1 2020-02-13T07:20:38.807528+01:00 SC-2 osafamfnd 278 osafamfnd [meta 
sequenceId="1549"] 278:amf/amfnd/main.cc:668 TR Evt type:8
<143>1 2020-02-13T07:20:38.807531+01:00 SC-2 osafamfnd 278 osafamfnd [meta 
sequenceId="1550"] 278:amf/amfnd/susm.cc:1418 >> avnd_evt_avd_su_pres_evh 
<143>1 2020-02-13T07:20:38.807536+01:00 SC-2 osafamfnd 278 osafamfnd [meta 
sequenceId="1551"] 278:amf/amfnd/susm.cc:1484 TR Sending to Imm thread.
<138>1 2020-02-13T07:20:38.807558+01:00 SC-2 osafamfnd 278 osafamfnd [meta 
sequenceId="1552"] 278:amf/amfnd/susm.cc:1488 CR AvND send event to IR mailbox 
failed, type = 57
<143>1 2020-02-13T07:20:38.807562+01:00 SC-2 osafamfnd 278 osafamfnd [meta 
sequenceId="1553"] 278:amf/amfnd/susm.cc:1494 << avnd_evt_avd_su_pres_evh: 2
<143>1 2020-02-13T07:20:38.807565+01:00 SC-2 osafamfnd 278 osafamfnd [meta 
sequenceId="1554"] 278:amf/amfnd/main.cc:675 TR Evt Type:8 failure
<143>1 2020-02-13T07:20:38.807568+01:00 SC-2 osafamfnd 278 osafamfnd [meta 
sequenceId="1555"] 278:amf/amfnd/main.cc:679 << avnd_evt_process 
<143>1 2020-02-13T07:20:38.807575+01:00 SC-2 osafamfnd 278 osafamfnd [meta 
sequenceId="1556"] 278:amf/amfnd/main.cc:651 >> avnd_evt_process 
<143>1 2020-02-13T07:20:38.807578+01:00 SC-2 osafamfnd 278 osafamfnd [meta 
sequenceId="1557"] 278:amf/amfnd/main.cc:668 TR Evt type:8
<143>1 2020-02-13T07:20:38.80758+01:00 SC-2 osafamfnd 278 osafamfnd [meta 
sequenceId="1558"] 278:amf/amfnd/susm.cc:1418 >> avnd_evt_avd_su_pres_evh 
<143>1 2020-02-13T07:20:38.807584+01:00 SC-2 osafamfnd 278 osafamfnd [meta 
sequenceId="1559"] 278:amf/amfnd/susm.cc:1484 TR Sending to Imm thread.
<138>1 2020-02-13T07:20:38.807591+01:00 SC-2 osafamfnd 278 osafamfnd [meta 
sequenceId="1560"] 278:amf/amfnd/susm.cc:1488 CR AvND send event to IR mailbox 
failed, type = 57
<143>1 2020-02-13T07:20:38.807594+01:00 SC-2 osafamfnd 278 osafamfnd [meta 
sequenceId="1561"] 278:amf/amfnd/susm.cc:1494 << avnd_evt_avd_su_pres_evh: 2
<143>1 2020-02-13T07:20:38.807597+01:00 SC-2 osafamfnd 278 osafamfnd [meta 
sequenceId="1562"] 278:amf/amfnd/main.cc:675 TR Evt Type:8 failure
<143>1 2020-02-13T07:20:38.8076+01:00 SC-2 osafamfnd 278 osafamfnd [meta 
sequenceId="1563"] 278:amf/amfnd/main.cc:679 << avnd_evt_process 
<143>1 2020-02-13T07:20:38.812392+01:00 SC-2 osafamfnd 278 osafamfnd [meta 
sequenceId="1564"] 282:amf/amfnd/imm.cc:40 >> imm_reader_thread 
<143>1 2020-02-13T07:20:38.812445+01:00 SC-2 osafamfnd 278 osafamfnd [meta 
sequenceId="1565"] 282:amf/amfnd/imm.cc:49 TR Ir mailbox creation success


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