Now we are trying to apply OpenSAF's new feature "headless cluster" in our 
product, but we find out "IMMSV_SC_ABSENCE_ALLOWED"(saved in a 16 bit unsigned 
variable) can be set no more than 65535 which means only 18 hours. We think 
it's too short for our product in some special cases, in those cases we want 
payload card to work as long as possible in "headless" mode. We checked OpenSAF 
source code and find this 16 bit unsigned variable should be able to change to 
32bit unsigned type, with this change we can prevent payload from 
auto-rebooting for a enough long time till the controller come back, and this 
change should be not much risky .

So, could you please change to save "IMMSV_SC_ABSENCE_ALLOWED" into a 32bit 
unsigned variable to keep payload continue running more than 18 hours in 
"headless" mode? Thanks!

Much appreciate to any comment!

Jianfeng Dong
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