Can anyone check and let us know if there is any standard procedure available 
for patching?


From: Kapil Gokhale
Sent: Monday, March 12, 2018 4:38 PM
Cc: Nivrutti Kale <>; Saurabh Pandey 
Subject: Procedure to Update OpenSAF Binary(/ies) on a Live Running System

Hi All

How to update OpenSAF binary/binaries in a live running system with minimal 
What steps to follow for such an update to be foolproof?

We have openSAF 4.5.0 deployed at customer site. An issue related to Ticket 
[#1475] has been observed.
This ticket has been fixed in 4.5.2 however we do not want to upgrade system to 
4.5.2, instead want to apply patch related to Ticket [#1475].
Since patched binaries have to be updated finally at customer site, we need a 
foolproof procedure which also guarantees minimal downtime.

A general answer (irrespective of specific Ticket #1475) is welcome too.

Kapil Gokhale

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