Hello , 
we have configured two powerpc based FRU boards as "opensaf controllers" and 
one powerpc based FRU board as payload in ATCA chassis . We are using Integral 
Hpi in the chassis shelf manager .

It is observed that , when we try to switchover the controller/s  through the 
command   "amf-admsi-swap safSi=SC-2N,safApp=OpenSAF", sometimes controller 
switchover is not successful . The observations are as following :

Observation 1 :
(i) The controller which was previously "standby" and has to come up as 
"active" , goes in "quiesced" state , and it remains in this state . The 
following continuous  prints are observed in "immnd " log :

T5 tmout:1000 ste:10 ME:2 RE:2 crd:1 rim:FROM_FILE 4.3A:1 2Pbe:0 VetA/B: 0/0 

(ii) As a result of the above condition , the controller copy which was 
initially active remains active.

Observation 2 :
(i) After giving switchover command , the controller which was initially 
standby .  opensafd services restart again , resulting  the number of processes 
to get double.
(ii) AMF state dump command immadm -a @safAmfService1010f -o 
gives the following error in the standby node
error - saImmOmAdminOperationInvoke_2FAILED: SA_AIS_ERR_NOT_EXIST (12)
(iii)clm-state command in active copy and payload shows that standby copy is 
still a member of the cluster.
However, controller switchover sometimes works perfectly O.K .

Any feedback  regarding   probable cause for the above scenarios is highly 
appreciated .

Thanks  & regards

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