The next release is tagged on the github OpenSC/OpenSC project,
thanks to all of you for your contributions.

Tarball and MSI installers can be found on github, sourceforge or the CI server:
The packages for the other OSs will be added.

The list, not complete, of the new features:
* New card driver ePass2003.
* OpenPGP card:
  greatly improved card driver and PKCS#15 emulation;
  implemented write (pkcs15init) mode;
  greatly enhanced documentation and tools.
* ECDSA keys supported in 'read' and 'write' modes by
  internal PKCS#15 library, PKCS#11 and tools.
* Minidriver in 'write' mode.
* SM: secure messaging in GlobalPlatform-SP01 and CW14890 specifications;
      supported by ePass2003, IAS/ECC and AuthentIC cards;
      "ACL" and "APDU" modes to trigger secure messaging session;
      'local' version of the external secure messaging module.
* PKCS#15: support of 'secret-key' PKCS#15 objects
           support of 'authentication-object' PKCS#15 objects
           support of 'algReference' common key PKCS#15 attribute
           support of 'algReference' common key PKCS#15 attribute
           support of 'subjectName' common public key PKCS#15 attribute
* PKCS#11: removed 'onepin' version of pkcs#11 module
           configuration options to expose slots for PINs and present on-card 
           support GOSTR3410 generate key mechanism
           support of EC key type
* Support of PACE reader.
* Remove libltdl reference.
* ECDSA supported by MyEID card.
* New card driver for the SmartCard-HSM, a light-weight hardware security 
* New useful commands in 'opensc-explorer' tool: 'find', 'put-data', ...
* fixes SIGV issue related to the unsupported public key format
* fixes for the number of documentation issues

This release was pushed ahead by the number of new features and new card 
drivers eager for their place in the project,
as well as by the necessity to restore the regular release process.

You are heartily invited to comment/test/use this release.

Also at this time we are migrating the OpenSC project to the new hosting.
- the sources of OpenSC sources and its sub-projects are migrated to github 
(thanks to Ludovic);
- mailing-list on sourceforge is ready to substitute the mailing-list on 
opensc-project.org (once more thanks to Ludovic);
- Peter Stuge have to migrate the OpenSC trac & wiki onto one of his platform ;
- sourceforge will replace the file server hosted by opensc-project.org 
(currently the CI service sends the release and 'nightly' packages to both 
sourceforge and opensc-project);
- CI service is currently running for OpenSC/OpenSC github project, but can be 
extended and include the other OpenSC sub-projects.

Currently the github OpenSC/OpenSC contains two branches 'master' and 
'staging', rigorously synchronized between each other.
I guess that we can eliminate the 'staging' branch and use only the 'master' 

The OpenSC wiki pages are largely outdated;
but I think it's reasonable to wait Peter to finish migration of existing trac 
before starting to update it.

Kind regards,
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