How necessary are the groups changes in commits 8a69070 and 91cfce3?

It significantly improves groups performance in some grids (reports are in some cases it reduces 10's of thousands of DB requests to a few dozen.)

It also adds support for Simian Services backed groups, which are a lot easier to setup (assuming you are already using Simian) then the normal groups, since they do not require a separate PHP xmlrpc service.

These appear to change configuration parameters and I would really like to avoid making these changes in 0.6.9 proper.

The changes were very effective in master/head -- and were requested for the post fix branch by some of the groups users.

In theory it should be possible to keep the old (and badly/incorrectly) named OpenSim.ini configuration parameters, while still incorporating the other changes. Since I'm not actively developing for the .69 PF branch I took the path of lest work when back-porting the changes (including the config param names.)

Michael Cortez

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