Just to let everyone know, the Openvue grid is currently operating on some of the very latest 0.7.1 dev master code for testing. Changes to 0.7.1 dev master versions on and since 25-Nov-2010 mean that interoperability with previous HG setups will not work. You will typically see an "unable to verify identity" message at your end.

As an example for Sweet JaneX @ these are the logs on the Openvue grid services end...

11:55:28 - [GATEKEEPER SERVICE]: Request to link to Openvue
11:55:29 - [GATEKEEPER SERVICE]: Request to link to Openvue
11:55:29 - [GATEKEEPER SERVICE]: Request to get hyperlink region 9c8b6f8f-8178-4a69-92dc-9feba4646e6b 11:55:29 - [AGENTCIRCUITDATA]: agentid=e76cba87-bef9-4806-ac8d-18f7fde2c746, child=True, startpos=<128, 128, 30>
11:55:29 - [AGENTCIRCUITDATA]: unpacked appearance
11:55:29 - [GATEKEEPER SERVICE]: Request to login foreign agent Sweet JaneX @ (e76cba87-bef9-4806-ac8d-18f7fde2c746) at destination Openvue 11:55:29 - [GATEKEEPER SERVICE]: Verifying http://virtual.aiai.ed.ac.uk:8002 against http://virtual.aiai.ed.ac.uk:8002/ 11:55:29 - [GATEKEEPER SERVICE]: Unable to verify identity of agent Sweet JaneX. Refusing service.

You need to be using the latest bleedings edge versions to interoperate - and need to understand these can be very unstable, may corrupt your data bases, and you need a route to recover before even considering running such develpment code.

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