Hello everyone... I have a member that is experiencing a strange issue.
He has server and client modules (in world prims using llRegionSay &
llRegionSayTo to communicate commands to "client" prims).
 When the simulator is restarted, all works properly as expected BUT
then, after what seems to be a random length of time it seems that
communcations on the sim cease to function.  i.e. It's almost as if
the llRegionSay & llRegionSayTo cease to work properly.  the
client prims aren't receiving the messages from the servers.  What
makes this even more strange is that it doesn't happen with all of them
and the prims being effected is random.. in other words, an hour after the
sim is restarted (for example) a subset of the servers are failing to
properly send messages but the subset of scripts effected seems to be
different each time.
I have had my resident go through and confirm
that channel settings are set correctly and that there is no channel
confusion or conflicts ...  the scripts themselves seem to be OK.
 I also had him test this system on a blank sim or a sim with
considerably less scripts and the system works flawlessly. 
first thought was that there was an issue with the listeners in the
receiving prims and we're hitting some sort of  imposed limit to the
number of listeners or listener events allowed on a region.  I found
in the OpenSimDefaults.ini file that there is in fact a
max_listens_per_region setting and a max_listens_per_script setting.
 My first inclination was that he was hitting one of these limits so,
I modified these settings to 0 so that the system would not impose any
limits and unfortunately, this did not fix the issue.
Is there
somewhere else in the ini files or hardcoded in the simulator code itself
where a limitation is being set?  If not, what else could be causing
this behavior?
Below is a dump of some of the relevant statistics
for the region in question.  Any assistance would be greatly


        Client logouts due to no data receive timeout: 0




        Dilatn  SimFPS  PhyFPS  AgntUp  RootAg  ChldAg
 Prims   AtvPrm  AtvScr  ScrLPS

          1.00      54    53.8     0.0
      0       0    6623  
    0    1760       5


        PktsIn  PktOut  PendDl  PendUl  UnackB  TotlFt
 NetFt   PhysFt  OthrFt  AgntFt


            15      24       0  
    0       0    19.1    
0.0     0.0     0.0     0.0





        Heap allocated to OpenSim   : 645 MB

        Last heap allocation rate   : 0.323 MB/s

        Average heap allocation rate: 0.202 MB/s

        Process memory              : 1270


        Status of XEngine instance

        Scripts loaded             : 1760

        Scripts waiting for load   : 0

        Max threads                :

        Min threads                : 2

        Allocated threads          : 12

        In use threads             : 2

        Work items waiting         : 0

        Events queued              : 0

        Events processed           : 214185

 : 8

        Dataserver requests        : 0

  : 46

        Listeners                  :

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