Hello, there is one issue I am having with a grid setup, my grid has a
Asset/Inventory server, region server and Grid/Everything else server, so 3
servers in total.

I confirmed the inventory and asset server is functioning properly, the
inventory objects load in fine to non user defined folders but folders of
type -1 do not ever reach the viewer, this was tested both with FirestormOS
Release and Singularity Alpha as well as Alchemy just to be sure it was not
a viewer issue, it is not.

I also manually loaded using PHP the request to get folders via web
browser, that DOES show the folders in the XML response, so why are no user
defined folders showing up for people? This is a show stopping issue, I can
not open our grid without this one issue solved, I find nothing on google
about this at all!

I think it is also worth noting that even if I add folders to Objects
folder the folders never show up after I close and relog to the viewer,
they are however present and have correct My Inventory as parent, so I
rules out them not saving and such, it simply comes down to the packets
never being transmitted to the viewer as I had debug http all 5 on both the
region server and inventory server, I saw the region server request from
the inventory server and inventory responded back to the region server but
the region server never sent an outbound packet to the viewer for the
folder request, so from what I can tell the issue is at the region server
OpenSim.ini instance, I have found ZERO config options for inventory
related settings other than GridCommon.ini telling where to point the
service to and how many retries to do, that;s it, the online documentation
has been so far out of date and lacking for OpenSim, this is typical of
open source software so I wasn't at all surprised, lol.

Thanks for any ideas on what this could be, I await patiently for your
replies, if needed I can log the issue and submit those, but I am hoping it
is a simple configuration issue because other grids don't seem to have this
issue, can tell from lack of findings on Google on the matter, that leaves
configuration issue left really..
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