This is to announce availability of NexentaCore 2.0 Alpha1 - Debian
Native OpenSolaris environment and platform. (unstable "Hardy" branch)

NexentaCore 2.0 Alpha1 Release Highlights:

      * 3392 packages ported over just two weeks of Hardy Hackathon
        Fest! This includes latest dpkg/apt, gcc, binutils, coreutils,
        perl, python, ruby, Qt libs, GTK libs, etc you name it..
      * Based on Ubuntu 8.04 LTS (Hardy Heron)
      * 100% native Debian environment, easy to upgrade, easy to use
      * OpenSolaris b85+ based (x86 32-bit and 64-bit, non-debug), with
        critical patches from b87,b88 and b90

Related News:

  * NexentaCore 1.0.1 "Elatte" is our stable branch and were recently
released to public.  NexentaCore 1.x is based on Ubuntu/Dapper LTS
repository. Download latest stable ISO here:

  * NexentaStor 1.0.2 FREE Developer Edition also recently released.
NexentaStor is a software based NAS and iSCSI solution with features
that are superior to those of legacy hardware based NAS solutions,
including unlimited incremental backups or 'snapshots', snapshot
mirroring (replication), and the inherent virtualization, performance,
thin provisioning and ease of use of the ZFS file system. Available for
immediate download here:

The Nexenta Team

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