Just to follow up on this:

No nomination were received, so there is no change in the WG Chairs. We (Ondrej and myself) are happy to

Next chance to become a WG chair is in a year. (2 months before Fall 2017 RIPE meeting)

   Martin Winter & Ondrej Filip

On 25 Aug 2016, at 19:21, Martin Winter wrote:


The fall RIPE is coming up and this is the time for Open Source WG chair elections.

Nomination period is from NOW until Sept 11, 23:59 GMT

Chair selection is as follows:
- If there are no nominations, then it will continue as is without any vote (both myself and Ondrej are willing to continue) - If there is a nomination, then we will try to decide in a consensus (between existing maintainers and nominees) on how to proceed - i.e. replace someone or add someone as a 3rd maintainer) - If the consensus fails (i.e. if one of the nominations wants to force a vote to replace an existing maintainer and there is a disagreement), then we’ll have a public vote during the Open Source WG
  (Consensus between existing maintainers and all the nominees)
See https://www.ripe.net/participate/ripe/wg/open-source-working-group/open-source-wg-chair-selection-process for details.

So if you want to become a 3rd WG chair (not replacing any existing ones or if you want to force a re-election vote against a specific (or any) current WG chair, then this is the time to do so.

Please send your nomination to opensource-wg-cha...@ripe.net

If you miss this chance, then the next nomination period is in one year (each Fall RIPE meeting)
The new WG chair starts after the Fall RIPE meeting.

   Martin Winter

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