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> (In reply to Jakub Jelen from comment #6)
> > Created attachment 2950 [details]
> > fixed patch
> > 
> > Never mind. Nothing from above resolves the race condition between
> > systemd reading PID file and sshd after reexec writing it, except
> > adding SD_NOTIFY code so I gave up.
> What about reading the pidfile first to see if it has the correct
> PID before rewriting it?  I did something like that to work around a
> problem in pam_loginuid (LinuxPAM ticket #23, I'd link to it but
> seems to have imploded).

I don't think that would help the initial race condition, when systemd
tries to read the PID file before it is written after the daemon().

> Does systemd even need a pidfile?

>From man systemd.service:

> If this setting [Type=forking] is used, it is recommended to also use the 
> PIDFile= option, so that systemd can identify the main process of the daemon. 
> systemd will proceed with starting follow-up units as soon as the parent 
> process exits.

There is also GuessMainPID= option, but from the documentation in the
same manual page I am not convinced that it is something that we would
like to use in case we can specify the PID file reliably.

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