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OK, thanks! I'll try testing it the next time I get my team together to
repro this situation again. I'll get back to you on that one.

What did you think about my questions around this code snippet which I
linked earlier from wait_until_can_do_something()?

        /* Wait for something to happen, or the timeout to expire. */
        ret = select((*maxfdp)+1, *readsetp, *writesetp, NULL, tvp);

At a very quick glance, it looks possible that if the client connection
is dead (and thus readsetp never becomes ready), the
ClientAliveInterval (tvp) may never be hit if writesetp always becomes
ready before the ClientAliveInterval expires. In my situation, a
monitoring service polling a remote forwarding channel's server port at
an interval shorter than ClientAliveInterval might conceivably trigger

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