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--- Comment #5 from Johannes Schindelin <> ---
Damien, are you sure you want to promote this behavior? Literally *all*
other command-line programs let command-line options be overridden.
Just a few examples:

ls --color --color=never
rm --interactive=never --interactive=always
git status --color --no-color

and the list goes on and on and on and on and on.

And for a good reason. Aliases are such an example, as I already
mentioned in the Pull Request. Besides, in English, and on the
command-line, we read from left to right. So if you read --color=always
--color=never, it is pretty obvious what the reader understands, no?
She would read "use color, always, oh wait, nevermind, never, ever use
color". And that's been the case for a long, long time.

And even if this were not so, are you not even acknowledging that this
is a backwards-incompatible behavior that was not announced, and that
we already demonstrated to break existing setups?

And even if you are reluctant to see it this way, how would you suggest
Jenkins to do things when the URI is *a user-specified* value that may,
or may not have a user name, and `jenkins` should be used as user name
if the URI does not have one? Should Jenkins now scan the URI

I was quite a bit shocked to read what you had to say, to say the

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