--- Comment #17 from Damien Miller <> ---
I've committed the "SendEnv -PATTERN" patch, but it doesn't resolve the
other part of the original request - that there be an easy way to
remove configuration that has been set by the system ssh_config after
~/.ssh/config has been set.

I'm not sure how best to do that generally, but it is possible now in a
slightly non-obvious way: when CanonicalizeHostname is enabled, the
configuration is parsed a second time and "match canonical" blocks are
parsed last. It should be possible to use these to clear any
environment variables that are undesired. Note that setting
CanonicalizeHostname=yes without setting any CanonicalDomains is almost
a no-op wrt hostname processing.

The root cause of this is that SendEnv differs from all (?) the other
config options by being additive rather than first-match-wins. I'm not
sure how fixable that is, since quite a few operating systems include
multiple SendEnv in their default configurations and making SendEnv
consider only the first matching directive would likely break them.

Maybe a proactive SendEnv ban like Flavio's patch is a good band-aid?
Please let me know whether what has been committed will solve your
current problems.

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