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Build: #16216
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Duration: 29 minutes and 41 seconds
Commit: 5d67110 (master)
Author: Matt Caswell
Message: Don't calculate the Finished MAC twice

In <= TLSv1.2 a Finished message always comes immediately after a CCS
except in the case of NPN where there is an additional message between
the CCS and Finished. Historically we always calculated the Finished MAC
when we processed the CCS. However to deal with NPN we also calculated it
when we receive the Finished message. Really this should only have been
done if we hand negotiated NPN.

This simplifies the code to only calculate the MAC when we receive the
Finished. In 1.1.1 we need to do it this way anyway because there is no
CCS (except in middlebox compat mode) in TLSv1.3.

Coincidentally, this commit also fixes the fact that no-nextprotoneg does
not currently work in master.

Reviewed-by: Andy Polyakov <>
(Merged from

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