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rsbecker> A request, maybe OT. The NonStop platform does broadly
rsbecker> deploy Apache but do use OpenSSL. I understand that OpenSSL
rsbecker> does not officially support the HPE NonStop NSE/NSX
rsbecker> platforms - but it is used on the platform through my team's
rsbecker> port, which I currently support, and through other ports as
rsbecker> well. Added a dependency to Apache is likely to dead-end the
rsbecker> project for us depending on the depth of the dependency, if
rsbecker> I understand where this is going (hoping I am wrong).

I pulled this away from the Speck discussion as it is indeed OT.

Does this involve some specific config target?  In that case, you
might be interested in the effort in PR 5043:

(if you claim the use of and can verify the correctness of some
specific config target(s), they can be classified as community


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