You should be able to just watch the openssl repo (the eyeball/watch notice in 
the upper-right side)

On 1/23/18, 7:00 AM, "Hubert Kario" <> wrote:

    On Friday, 19 January 2018 18:34:57 CET Salz, Rich via openssl-dev wrote:
    > There’s a new blog post at 
    > We decided to increase our use of GitHub. In addition to asking that all 
    > reports and enhancement requests be reported as issues, we now want all
    > major code proposals to be discussed as issues before a large pull request
    > shows up. This will let the community discuss the feature, offer input on
    > design and such, before having code to look at. We hope this will let us
    > all first look at the bigger picture, before getting bogged down in the
    > weeds of line-by-line code reviews.
    does that mean I have to subscribe to all notifications from the openssl 
    github project to notice them? that's really suboptimal
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