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2018 13:08:54 -0500, Viktor Dukhovni <> said:

openssl-users> > If we agree that mailing lists are preferrable to
openssl-users> > GitHub threads, then we should not close down
openssl-users> > openssl-dev.
openssl-users> Well, but we now have "openssl-project" for discussions
openssl-users> of the ongoing development of OpenSSL.  It is mostly
openssl-users> for team members, but though it is moderated, IIRC
openssl-users> others can join and post.

This is confusing, and not what was intended.  In other words,
openssl-project is *not* a new openssl-dev!  If it was, I don't see
why we would even bother making a new list...

>From the blog entry:

> We created a new mailing list, openssl-project, that is for
> discussions about the governance and policies of OpenSSL. Anyone can
> join this list. Only members of the OMC and committers will be able
> to post.

Governance and policies (roughly speaking, 'cause there may be some
derailing that's shouldn't be there) is not, as far as I understand,
"development of OpenSSL".  It may be close, thought, such as planning
the schedule of the next release.

Richard Levitte
OpenSSL Project
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