sshd/ftpd/telnetd -> pam_ldap -> libldap -> libssl/libcrypto

To recap, when my dual processor Pentium III is idle, I *always* get a 
return value of 0 from SSL_connect.  If I bog down the box, I get "1" and 
everything works (login sucessful).

I added a check for SSL_get_error, and I get SSL_ERROR_SYSCALL.

I check the error queue with ERR_get_error()

My luck, I get 0 back from ERR_get_error().

The man page says, if ERR_get_error returns 0, "an EOF was observed that 
violates the protocol".


I just want my LDAP authentication to work on these two machines out of 
about a dozen where it works fine.  The machines that work are "slower" 
500Mhz boxes, and the failure on a dual P3, and a single CPU AMD 1700+.

pam_ldap is using libldap (further using OpenSSL) to do a starttls 
connection against a remote OpenLDAP server.

I'm just banging my head against the keyboard here.


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