Pavel Gorshkov wrote:
Some SMTP servers require a HELO/EHLO command before a STARTTLS,

The attached patch (against openssl-0.9.8a) adds the `-ehlo'
option to s_client:

 -ehlo hostname - use the EHLO smtp command before issuing STARTTLS
                 (to be used in conjunction with -starttls smtp)

with this patch, s_client successfully connects and shows the

This patch solves only smtp.
But there are many more protocols using STARTTLS

Has anybody thought about a plugin interface or a different way
to handle the startup ?

Either a -manualstart <starttext> command that opens the socket,
 forwards stdin to the socket and data from the socket to stdout,
 and starts TLS after it receives the given starttext from stdin.
Or the -startcmd <cmd> command, that calls the specified command
 to do the initial handshake (and starts TLS if the command
 returns without error...



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