Latest development snapshot has updated AES x86 assember module,

As it turns out there is a breakage point. As you might have noticed the module expects S-box tables to be aligned with 1024 byte granularity. While it doesn't seem to be a problem to ensure such alignment on ELF platforms, others seem to fail to arrange it. For example a.out-based OpenBSD 3.2 allows you to specify up to 32K alignment, but it's apparently ignored somewhere, as it doesn't seem to have effect on symbol alignment in final executable. Win32 is complete mess. Microsoft PECOFF specification allows for alignment up to 8KB, but Microsoft assembler does not allow alignment statements over 256 bytes [even if I specify TEXT$ SEGMENT PAGE]. nasm refuses segment alignment larger than 64 bytes claiming that the specification does not allow for more. yasm seem to be the only one doing right thing, and good news is that even elder Microsoft linker, version 6 to be specific, respects the alignment specified by yasm and the table turns out properly aligned in final executable. Cygwin and Mingw binutils don't seem to be helpful at all silently assuming 16 byte alignment on everything. Well, they use align statement for padding, but not for actual alignment. Bottom line, some further consideration and work is required... A.
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