Hi Steve,

>>> Do you also agree with David's proposal to change the calls to
>>> BIO_ctrl(, BIO_CTRL_INFO, ) into BIO_wpending() in ssl/*.c?  It seems
>>> to
>>> make sense to me.
>> Yes, I've applied it to all branches now. Many thanks David. Ticket
>> resolved.
> Just a postscript to the issue. The above minimal fix was applied to
> OpenSSL but the lack of a corresponding Apache fix has resulted in some
> problems, not least of which is renegotiation not working because the
> server hello request is not flushed.
> As a result the OpenSSL change has been updated to call BIO_CTRL_INFO
> and if that returns zero BIO_CTRL_WPENDING. This should now cover all cases.

Thanks for that fix and for informing us.

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