On 16/06/12 23:31, Dr. Stephen Henson wrote:
Is there a way to patch httpd so that it can work around the
limitations in the OpenSSL API and always send the correct OCSP

Possible changes to OpenSSL:
Should the Stapling Callback function be called later in the
handshake (perhaps in ssl_add_serverhello_tlsext()), after the
cipher has been selected?
Should ssl_get_server_send_cert() be made available for applications
to call?  Or should SSL_get_certificate() be updated so that it
always returns the cert that the server will actually send?

I can't immediately think of a clean solution to this problem. I think it
makes sense for OpenSSL to return the server certificate actually used via

Agreed. This would avoid the need to implement a fix/workaround in the httpd code, and would presumably also mean that the OpenSSL 1.0.x branch can be fixed without breaking binary compatibility.

See if adding:

c->key = c->pkeys + i;

to ssl_get_server_send_cert fixes this.

Which it wont because the status callback is called too soon as you noted.

Would moving the status callback to a sufficiently later point in the handshake work?

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