On 7 June 2013 19:12, Matt Caswell via RT <r...@openssl.org> wrote:
> This patch is the first submission of what is planned to be a regular
> series of patches. It represents the collected updates made to the pod
> documentation published on the openssl wiki:
> http://wiki.openssl.org
> The primary changes made are:
> - Updates to the "NAME" section of many pages to correctly reflect the
> functions defined on those pages. This section is automatically parsed
> by the util/extract-names.pl script, so if it is not correct then
> running "man" will not correctly locate the right manual pages.
> - Updates to take account of where functions are now deprecated
> - Full documentation of the ec sub-library
> - A number of other typo corrections and other minor tweaks
> Matt

For the public record please see the following commit in relation to
the above change:


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