On 19/01/15 14:47, Stephen Henson via RT wrote:
> On Mon Jan 19 14:40:32 2015, steve wrote:
>> The problem is that the two fields containing the signature algorithm
>> do not match.
> The current 'x509' utility can't show this difference (I have an option I'm
> testing which will).

Steve, while you're there...

I've been caught out a few times in the past because the 'x509' utility 
displays the "outer" signature algorithm in the place where it should 
display the "inner" signature algorithm.  This is fine when they match, 
but it's rather unhelpful when they don't match!

Please consider this trivial patch.  Thanks.

diff --git a/crypto/asn1/t_x509.c b/crypto/asn1/t_x509.c
index 89115c7..97abd51 100644
--- a/crypto/asn1/t_x509.c
+++ b/crypto/asn1/t_x509.c
@@ -168,7 +168,7 @@ int X509_print_ex(BIO *bp, X509 *x, unsigned long 
nmflags, unsigned long cflag)

         if(!(cflag & X509_FLAG_NO_SIGNAME))
-               if(X509_signature_print(bp, x->sig_alg, NULL) <= 0)
+               if(X509_signature_print(bp, ci->signature, NULL) <= 0)
                         goto err;
  #if 0
                 if (BIO_printf(bp,"%8sSignature Algorithm: ","") <= 0)

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