Hi OpenSSL team,

A simple question:

I wrote a proof of concept in order to use external cache for session id.

In my POC I used openssl version 1.1.0 and all seemed OK. I mean, as server, 
the new_session callback was called as expected (at the first connection) and 
then the get_session callback, when the client send me an non empty session id 
in client hello.

When I want to introduce this code in our real project, which uses openssl 
1.0.2e, I see that at the first connection (when the session id in client hello 
is empty), the server does not call the new_session callback. Then it send a 
session id in server hello, and at the reuse (when session id is not empty in 
client hello) it call get_session and because the session was not cached, it 
call new_session callback because it generate a new session.

Do you know something about this issue ?



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