The problem appears to be 325da823, x509_vfy.c line 1132.

best_score starts at 0 (from get_crl_delta's crl_score, initialised to
0), and (for whatever reason) crl_score also turns out to be 0. So

            if (ASN1_TIME_diff(&day, &sec, X509_CRL_get_lastUpdate(best_crl),
                               X509_CRL_get_lastUpdate(crl)) == 0)

segfaults (best_crl is NULL).

The test (and the other tests) seem to pass if I change the
initialisation in get_crl_delta:

    int crl_score = -1;

I find this with test 4.4.19 specifically (with our own code which uses
OpenSSL), but actually shows segfaulting for many tests,
and this is resolved with the above change (the return codes seem to be
different causing the script to report failure, but I suspect that's
just the script needing updating).

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