I am attempting to add a new cipher into the crypto library. I have done the 
following so far…

1. Added my code to the openssl/crypto folder
2. Created a build.info<http://build.info> for make to compile my code (created 
this based off of openssl/crypto/dh’s build.info<http://build.info>)
3. Added my cipher name to the list of ciphers to compile in Configure
4. Compiled and installed all code without errors and object files for my new 
cipher are created in openssl/crypto/mycipher/
5. Created a test.c file that verifies that the library is installed and 
working properly by generating a MD5 hash of a string
Compiled as:
gcc test.c -I/usr/local/openssl/include/openssl/ -o test -lcrypto -lssl -Wall
6. I am able to properly include <openssl/mycipher.h> in my test.c file

However, as soon as I make a call to my cipher in test.c I get a linker error 
and gcc is unable to find any of my functions.

It seems that the header file I have in the openssl/include folder isn’t being 
linked somehow to my code in the openssl/cypto folder.

I feel like I’m missing a step here…

Any help is much appreciated!

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