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15:44:35 -0800, James Bottomley <> said:

James.Bottomley> On Tue, 2017-01-03 at 12:19 +0100, Richard Levitte wrote:
James.Bottomley> > ⁣There seems to be some confusion here. 
James.Bottomley> > 
James.Bottomley> > James, I understand the tpm engine as an external project, 
not part
James.Bottomley> > of the OpenSSL source proper and not intended to be. 
James.Bottomley> > 
James.Bottomley> > However, is a list focused on the 
James.Bottomley> > of OpenSSL proper. That makes it a bit odd to discuss the 
tpm engine
James.Bottomley> > here. Largely off topic. 
James.Bottomley> Fair enough.  You were cc'd since it's a modification of code 
used by
James.Bottomley> openSSL, in case there was interest.

Strictly speaking, that belongs in

The reason I point this out is that for code that isn't meant to be
part of OpenSSL proper, the whole discussion about CLAs, licenses and
whatnot is a red herring that belongs neither here not there.  As long
as you do stuff as a separate project, YOU (collective you) decide
what license to use, let alone your contribution policy.

Of course, I do recall that there was an attempt of patches to be
applied to OpenSSL proper.  That alone is subject to our license and
our policies, if that's still interesting (I don't know if it is).  If
it is, that should be contributed as a separate patch, preferably as a
github PR (sourceforge is entirely uninteresting to us).

Me, I haven't really minded the discussion here, as long as it didn't
become confusing.  After all, it did spark some discussion around my
STORE project ;-)

Did I leave something out or is the situation clear?


Richard Levitte
OpenSSL Project
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