On 09/01/17 17:46, Leonard den Ottolander wrote:
> Hello,
> https://github.com/openssl/openssl/commit/10621efd3296a92f489f6ab26a88e88d9790930e#diff-4b59eddb1c722b1dc3d17b5f64149e12
> is a white space nightmare. The replacement of "#define"s by "# define"s
> etc. is just silly and makes it unnecessarily hard to port patches
> between different releases (working with RHEL 7.3 "hobbled 1.0.1e" vs.
> 1.0.1u). Sadly patch -l chokes on this kind of white space nonsense and
> who can blame it?
> If one wants to indent directives space is normally inserted before the
> hash sign. I don't remember ever seeing directives being indented by
> adding white space between the hash sign and the directive.
> Please revert this commit (in all branches), even though it has been a
> while. Thank you.

That particular commit was the result of a lot work and discussion on
this list and in other places. This is the code reformat commit and
changes the format of the source to be consistent with the OpenSSL
coding style:


Like I said there was a lot of discussion at the time with arguments in
favour and against the reformat - although the on the whole most people
were in favour.

The coding style as a whole was based heavily on the Linux Kernel coding
style. I don't recall the provenance of the pre-processor indentation
style. Needless to say though everyone has their particular thoughts
about what makes "good" style - and no matter what you come up with no
one is going to be pleased with all of it.

Personally I believe the reformat has done nothing but good for us. It
has made maintaining the source code *far* easier.

Whatever your thoughts on it a lot of water has gone under the bridge
since then and there have been a lot of commits to all the branches.
Reverting this patch is just not an option at this stage even if we
wanted to (which we don't) - you would disappear into conflict hell
never to return.

Of course 1.0.1 is now out of support anyway so we won't be making any
more commits to that particular branch!


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