The READMEs in Configurations/ have pretty in depth information. 

It sounds like you want a with a BEGINRAW..ENDRAW section that 
contains what you need to do a sub-make in your subdir. 

Quite frankly, though, if this is something that you intend for inclusion in 
OpenSSL, you're better off making a proper

INCLUDE only indicates to the compiler where it can find header files, i.e. 
translates to -I options on Unix. 


"Schmicker, Robert" <> skrev: (10 januari 2017 17:16:31 
>Can anyone here point me in the direction to some documentation on
><> files?
>For the most part I’m creating mine using examples from other crypto
>ciphers but could use some more in depth explanation of what is going
>on when it is being parsed.
>More specifically, I’m attempting to create a
><> file that will trigger a Makefile in a
>subdirectory for my new encryption cipher to later include using the
>Thank you in advance to any advice or help!

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