This commit removes the cms and smime "-nooldmime" option on the grounds that the flags they use "CMS_NOOLDMIMETYPE" and "PKCS7_NOOLDMIMETYPE" are not used in the pkcs7/cms code.

But those flags *are* used.

In include/openssl/pkcs7.h we have:

# define PKCS7_NOOLDMIMETYPE     0x400

And in include/openssl/cms.h:

# define CMS_NOOLDMIMETYPE               0x400

And include/openssl/smime.h

# define SMIME_OLDMIME           0x400

And, in crypto/pkcs7/pk7mime.c:

int SMIME_write_PKCS7(BIO *bio, PKCS7 *p7, BIO *data, int flags)
    flags ^= SMIME_OLDMIME;

    return SMIME_write_ASN1(bio, (ASN1_VALUE *)p7, data, flags,
                            ctype_nid, NID_undef, mdalgs,

And, finally in crypto/asn1/asn_mime.c:

int SMIME_write_ASN1(BIO *bio, ASN1_VALUE *val, BIO *data, int flags,
                     int ctype_nid, int econt_nid,
                     STACK_OF(X509_ALGOR) *mdalgs, const ASN1_ITEM *it)
    if (flags & SMIME_OLDMIME)
        mime_prefix = "application/x-pkcs7-";
        mime_prefix = "application/pkcs7-";

That is to say the effect of setting the flag CMS_NOOLDMIMETYPE or PKCS7_NOOLDMIMETYPE is to *unset* the flag SMIME_OLDMIME in calls to SMIME_write_ASN1, and so tell SMIME_write_ASN1 to write new-style mime headers "application/pkcs7-" instead of the horrid old "application/x-pkcs7-".

TL; DR -- the flags "CMS_NOOLDMIMETYPE" and "PKCS7_NOOLDMIMETYPE" *are* used, and shouldn't be deprecated.

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