I know, I know, zero knowledge proofs are not crypto. But:
We live in the post-snowden era. Providers and centralized hosting services
are becomming a larger threat than man-in-the-middle attacks. People
(including me) are loosing their trust in cryptography that's only meant to
protect sensitive data between the communicating nodes in transit, not on
the nodes themselves.

OpenSSL's philosophy is to bring primitives for algorithms that provide
software-level privacy and otherwise require expertise/academic knowledge.
Zero-knowledge technologies will (and already started to) get reputation
and currently is in the premature state that cryptography was before
OpenSSL. No low-level primitives, no high level "standard" API-s.

I'm a researcher of zero-knowledge proofs and would be happy to contribute
into openssl introducing this kind of privacy-protecting technology that in
my opinion is not that far from cryptography or OpenSSL concept.
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