Thanks! The moment after I sent that original email I realized in my infinite 
wisdom that I originally hard coded the NID value in my EVP implementation to 
get some testing to work. I then never went back and changed it to the define 

Regardless, thank you for the help.


From: Short, Todd
Sent: Thursday, February 23, 8:29 AM
Subject: Re: [openssl-dev] Integrate EVP Cipher into OpenSSL cli Speed Test
To:, Schmicker, Robert

Look at some of the changes to pull in Poly1305 and SipHash in to EVP:<>openssl<>/<>openssl<>/commit/52ad5b60e3a1fef12a1a5ea01527a90b8f92a34b<><>openssl<>/<>openssl<>/commit/3f5616d734a92fdf99ab827f21e5b6cab85e7194<>


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On Feb 22, 2017, at 11:00 PM, Schmicker, Robert 


I successfully managed to integrate an encryption cipher into the EVP and has 

tested to work and now I'd like to get some speed tests of the cipher using 

integrated speed test via the command line with the "-evp" flag.

What I've done so far to try and integrate it into openssl's speed test....

1) Confirmed EVP_mycipher() works

2) Noticed ./apps/speed.c was calling:

         case OPT_EVP:

                         evp_cipher = EVP_get_cipherbyname(opt_arg());

3) Then modified ./crypto/objects/objects.txt to include the necessary defines

         # Mycipher
                       : MYCIPHER             : mycipher

4) Edited crypto/evp/c_allc.c to include my cipher in the loading of all ciphers

EVP_add_cipher_alias(SN_mycipher, "mycipher");

5) Ran a make update then make and saw all necessary defines were generated

However, the speed test cannot find my cipher because EVP_get_cipherbyname()
returns NULL.

Am I missing a step here or did I mis-configure something?

It seems as if there's something to edit to tie the NID/SN/LN_mycipher to the 

Any help is much appreciated!

Rob Schmicker

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