Hi OpenSSL developers!

We’re always looking for ways to improve code quality and pay our technical
debt. This week we thought we’d run a little experiment.

We declare this Tuesday (Feb 28th) Code Health Tuesday. We’ll be setting
some time aside to do cleanups in the codebase. The theme is “Delete”:
we’ll be cleaning up unused files, dead code, and obsolete hacks. We invite
you all to participate on Github!



Q: How do I participate?
A: Find something to delete. Create a Github pull request and add the
“code-health” label. We’ll be monitoring Github for quick turnaround.

Q: Which branches should I target?
A: You should target master. In stable branches, code churn comes with a
cost, so let’s focus on the next release.

Q: What can I delete?
A: Normal compatibility rules apply. You cannot delete anything from public
headers, remove command-line tool options or prune supported platform
configurations. You can delete dead code, obsolete workarounds (16-bit
platforms!) and outdated documentation. If you’re not sure about a
particular functionality, open a Github issue and add the “code health”

Q: Do you have any tools to find what to delete?
A: We have a coverage report: https://coveralls.io/github/openssl/openssl
We’ll also be setting up a tools repo where you can share any tools that
you build.

Q: Will you do it again?
A: We hope so! This is an experiment but we’ll be looking into making it a
habit. We have a list of ideas for themed Tuesdays lined up: Document,
Test, Refactor, ...

Q: How did you come up with this idea?
A: We were looking at this file…
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