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Viktor Dukhovni <> wrote:
 |> On Mar 1, 2017, at 11:13 AM, Steffen Nurpmeso <> wrote:
 |>  $ ldd /home/steffen/usr/opt/.ssl-1.1.0/bin/openssl
 |>  ...
 |> => not found
 |> => not found
 |> This is new behaviour, until now the installation was always
 |> self-contained when configured via
 |>  ./config --prefix=$(MYPREFIX) zlib-dynamic no-hw shared
 |I sure hope that "$()" was in fact "${}", the former only
 |works in Makefiles, and means something quite different
 |in POSIX shells.

No it is a snippet from a makefile, of course.

 |You need an "RPATH" setting in the linker flags for the shared
 |libraries to be found in in $PREFIX/lib.  Perhaps:

If my tortured ears finally hear, then.  You are saying this never
was standard behaviour?  Oh!?!  Well, then i am sorry, it could
indeed be that i never ran the binaries in there, but only use
this one for v1.1.0 link testing, and then, there, the linker path
is adjusted automatically (by my configuration script).

It may be a crappy comment, but if i ldd(1)
~/usr/opt/.ressl/bin/openssl then this just works, and the make
rule is almost identical:

          cd libressl.tar_bomb_git &&\
          if [ -f NULL ]; then git checkout `cat NULL`; fi &&\
          ./configure --prefix=$(MYPREFIX) &&\
          make &&\
          make check &&\
          $(SUDO) make install;\
          { git clean -fxd; git reset --hard HEAD;\
          git checkout arena-manager-null; } >/dev/null

But thanks, i did not know that i can pass additional flags to
./config!  Thanks to Matt Caswell i think, if i recall correctly,
i now know about "make install_sw && make install_ssldirs", and
maybe in a not too distant future i get it right!

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