Our most recent code health Tuesday was a success.  Nearly a dozen people 
worked to achieved the following:

- Our external contributors wrote completely new unit test for previously 
untested API's (stack, LHASH, and RSA_padding_add_PKCS1_PSS_mgf1) , and added a 
large external test suite (Python Cryptography).  Rock on!
- We rolled the BoringSSL tests forward to a new version and fixed several 
previously-failing tests
- We improved testing support on VMS and for Strawberry Perl
- The DTLS and SRP tests were ported to the new test framework
- Test for output support of non-ASCII characters in certificate names
- There were also code-health requests that addressed other areas such as 
eliminating warnings and dead code, and improving code clarity - those are also 
very welcome!

We thank the community for their interest, support, and help in improving 
OpenSSL. We hope you'll join our next Code Health Tuesday, planned for March 
28.  Watch for details!

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Member, OpenSSL Dev Team
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