Thanks Joey.

And I found the url for listing a server's tls extensions here:

Do you know how we can enable/test the extensions using firefox or any other 

On Mon, 12/4/17, Joey Yandle <> wrote:

 Subject: Re: [openssl-dev] Known apps supporting tls max frag size extn
 To: "Jitendra Lulla" <>,
 Date: Monday, December 4, 2017, 5:13 AM
 > Also, I have lost the url of a website
 which used to analyze any given server ( eg
 for its supporting various tls extensions. You provide the
 server url and it will display all the tls extns supported
 by that server.  If you know of any such url, could you
 please help me with that also.
 openssl s_client has an
 argument -tlsextdebug:
 openssl s_client -connect -tlsextdebug
 TLS server
 extension "renegotiation info" (id=65281),
 0001 - <SPACES/NULS>
 TLS server extension "EC point
 formats" (id=11), len=4
 0000 - 03 00 01
 TLS server extension "session
 ticket" (id=35), len=0
 TLS server
 extension "heartbeat" (id=15), len=1
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