On January 9, 2018 10:10 AM, Richard Levitte wrote:
> On Jan 2018 09:32:25 -0500, "Randall S. Becker" <rsbec...@nexbridge.com>
> rsbecker> A request, maybe OT. The NonStop platform does broadly deploy
> rsbecker> Apache but do use OpenSSL. I understand that OpenSSL does not
> rsbecker> officially support the HPE NonStop NSE/NSX platforms - but it
> rsbecker> is used on the platform through my team's port, which I
> rsbecker> currently support, and through other ports as well. Added a
> rsbecker> dependency to Apache is likely to dead-end the project for us
> rsbecker> depending on the depth of the dependency, if I understand
> rsbecker> where this is going (hoping I am wrong).
> I pulled this away from the Speck discussion as it is indeed OT.
> Does this involve some specific config target?  In that case, you might be
> interested in the effort in PR 5043:
> https://github.com/openssl/openssl/pull/5043
> (if you claim the use of and can verify the correctness of some specific
> target(s), they can be classified as community
> supported)

I am authorized to claim that the ITUGLIB team (including myself) can
support this effort for the following config targets:
    NONSTOP_KERNEL:[HJ]*:*:NSE* # H- or J-Series, IA64
    NONSTOP_KERNEL:L*:*:NSX*) # x86-64

Our current port is current with 1.0.2n with platform mods. I have posted
such to the 5043 pull discussion and can create a pull request with our
modifications for review.


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