It's also not that much of a problem in practice.. 
If you are using those API's you are adding new crypto. methods. Doing 
that after threading has started is not going to give good results with or 
without locking.


From:   "Salz, Rich via openssl-dev" <>
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Date:   24/01/2018 11:19
Subject:        Re: [openssl-dev] About multi-thread unsafe for APIs 
defined in crypto/objects/obj_dat.c
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OpenSSL APIs, which makes the following OpenSSL documentation statement 
invalid (
"OpenSSL can safely be used in multi-threaded applications provided that 
at least two callback functions are set, locking_function and 
Is there any planning to fix this issue?
Well, the most likely fix is to make the “safely” wording be more vague, 
which I doubt you’ll like.  But I doubt anyone on the team has much 
interest in fixing 1.0.2 locking issues.-- 
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