Any commentary on this?  Otherwise I’ll do a (two-week) vote next week.

From: Rich Salz <>
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Date: Monday, January 29, 2018 at 11:18 AM
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Subject: [openssl-project] Draft Travel Reimbursement policy

At the London F2F I had the action item to draft a travel reimbursement policy. 
 Here’s a starting point.  After discussion dies down I’ll post it to the 
bureau and vote.

The OpenSSL project may pay travel expenses for OMC members when pre-approved 
by the OMC or when it is an official OMC meeting (as determined by vote). 
Project members may seek to be reimbursed if their employer is not covering the 
expense. The requirements for reimbursement are:

  *   An email sent to openssl-omc, including scanned attachments of all 
receipts over 30 Euro’s.
  *   Barring exceptional circumstances, for an all-day meeting the project 
will pay for arrival the day before and departure the following morning.
  *   When presenting at a conference, the project will pay the expenses for 
the entire conference provided the attendee agrees to act as representative of 
the project during that time.
  *   Reasonable lodging and meal expenses during the travel time will be 
  *   Barring exceptional circumstances, room service, minibar, in-room movies, 
and other similar amenities are not covered.

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