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2018 11:24:24 +0000, Matt Caswell <> said:

matt> Tomorrow we are doing our first alpha release. Therefore I plan to call
matt> a code freeze from later today until after the release is complete
matt> tomorrow afternoon. If there's anything you wanted to get pushed before
matt> alpha1 please do so ASAP!

Hrrrm...  nah, no way I'm gonna have time within the few hours that

There are a few items I'm gonna push for 'til next Alpha:

- complete the OSSL_STORE work.  The search functionality PR still
  needs a review (gonna call for it).
- some details on how we build stuff.  We introduced GNU-like "make
  variable" support in configuration, but Andy correctly pointed out
  that there are some macros and stuff that we don't want to make
  optional.  This requires a bit of a rethink of config attributes and
  the make variables we do use in the end.
- I'm trying to build ia64 assembler stuff on VMS.  This also requires
  a bit of a rethink how we use the make variables (not as hard as it

Just wanted to let you know what I've on my plate.

Richard Levitte
OpenSSL Project
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