One thing that should be noted is that if you are building with -Wall
-Werror (which many projects do) and you are using OpenSSL and things
change from a const perspective builds break - and that then ends up people
having to change code on released versions.

Adding or removing const changes the API. It doesn't technically change the
ABI - although it can impact things as compilers can and do warn for simple
const violations in some circumstances. The straight forward "fix" of a
cast on call actually doesn't achieve anything useful - in that it simply
masks the underlying issue where const was added for a reason.

We should have a clear policy on doing this sort of thing in released code
- either it is okay to do and we should accept patches - or it should never
actually be done. I don't see this as a case-by-case basis for
determination at all - basically it is a single type of API change we
either should be allowing or disallowing.

There is a similar type of API change which is adding typedefs in for
callbacks - which technically also don't change the ABI - and if we allow
any form of API change that also could be considered.

We should discuss this separate from any specific PR and vote to set a
policy one way or the other in my view.

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