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2018 10:51:49 +0100, Matt Caswell <> said:

matt> I'd suggest these tags for the various draft versions:
matt> tls1.3-draft-20 9561e2a169
matt> tls1.3-draft-21 f90852093f
matt> tls1.3-draft-22 eee8a40aa5
matt> tls1.3-draft-23 95ea8da176
matt> The current version number declared in supported_versions at the head of
matt> master is draft-26 (we skipped support for draft-24 and draft-25). This
matt> seems to be the one everyone else is still using. The current document
matt> is at draft-28 but there have been no incompatible changes (other than
matt> the draft version number itself).
matt> If someone gives me a +1 I'll create the above.



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