> IMO it seems appropriate to have an OMC vote on this topic (or should it
> be OTC?). Possible wording:

Personally, I would prefer if technical questions would by default be discussed 
(and voted on)
by the OTC, unless an OMC member explicitly puts in his veto and claims that 
higher level
strategical interests of the OpenSSL project are affected.

But according to the current wording of the bylaws, I would say it is a 
'feature requirement' and
requires an OMC vote:

> The OMC:
> * makes all decisions regarding management and strategic direction of the 
> project; including:
>     - business requirements;
>     - feature requirements;
>     - platform requirements;
>     - roadmap requirements and priority;
>     - end-of-life decisions;
>     - release timing and requirement decisions;


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